Regular Monday.

Today have just been a regular day went to class tired as I do not know what, and unbelievable enough I managed to stay awake during the whole thing. I got some bad news afterwards though, the test I took last week did not work out good at all. I got 26/38 questions correct, which is equal to a BC. Clearly not good enough, but I got time to work on it. After class I practised for about two hours, feels good to see the weights go up every week.

After lifting I went to the public market again, that place continues to amaze me. And the food is so good there, I just love it.

I spent the night at the mall, I am so american now. I found a pair of jeans and a pair of shorts, I almost did not buy it though. I mean the cashier girl was simply a f…….. bitch. I thought you had to have social skills to work in a clothing store, but I was clearly wrong. Yet the clothes I bought look great, so I am happy I bought them. Skinny jeans is the shit!




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