The Weekend Is Over!

Tomorrow it is back to school, and back to practising. This weekend was great and a lot of fun things happened, and I even got my laundry fixed. That is something which has really changed during my time without mom doing the laundry, things that was seen as dirty before is not as often seen as dirty any more. There is definitely  a completely new way for me too look at clothing as dirty or clean.

Today have just been sleeping, I woke up around two and I was still dead tired. But I managed to my laundry which was really essential since I was out of underwear, and I also did all the homework for tomorrow as well as started of my first paper for the class. I have not had the energy to make food for the whole day though, so I am really considering calling for some delivery.

Yesterday was a blast, or well at least the night. During the day we were traveling to a game, and then we played it. And after the game we traveled back home. For the record we lost, but I would not say that we made an effort. You could really see that literally all players did not care, we had already won the league so.

When I got back home, Olga and her friend Bianca came over. It was really fun, we played ping-pong and just talked and all of a sudden the clock was 5 in the morning. I do not now how that happened, but it did. The last thing we did before we drove them back, was making swedish pancakes. It was so good, some ice cream on and some jam, really tasty.

Here are two pictures from the night! Bianca Potter and Hip-Hop star Olga.




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