Bad Romance

Today my team has the last game before the National tournament, it does not matter at all but off course we still want to win. Otherwise I would not even go there, I do hope the game will be good. We are playing the Madison 56;ers, they won the league last year, and what I heard is that they do not think we deserve to win this year. Therefore our coach thinks that they mostly will try to injure us today, I do hope they are better than that though.

Two nights ago I went to the premiere of the deathly hallows part two, it was so good. I was really exited before the movie, and that feeling continued during the whole movie. I grew up with all thoose books, and all the movies so to see the ending was really funny. But it is kind of sad that there will be no more movies or books coming out, I really think I will miss them.

Here is a picture of me from the theatre, I saw it in 3D so they had special Harry potter glasses for the movie.

I got a call from from Alejandro this morning, he was out to a really cool bar last night. Apperantly they had two pianos in there and really talented people played on them, and everybody was singing along. They played a lot of classical songs so everybody could sing along. Also they keept it humoristic, and keept bringing up people to the stage. Alejandro also told me that the bartender was really skillful with mixing drinks. Apperantly they  ran into one of the girls who works in the dining hall at Marquette on their way back, the world is so small some times. The whole night wasa real blast apperantly, and he even sent me some pictures from it.

Here they are!



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