I had an exam this morning and we were allowed to have all our notes with us, and therefore I assumed that it would be a piece of cake. I was wrong, very wrong. This was by far the hardest exam I had so far, and I even had my notes with me. I do think it went good though, I will probably get a B or better. Before the next exam I will make my notes a lot better, and focus more on details. It was extremely focused questions, and she used real academic english in the questions which made me a little bit confused on some of them. Since it was a multiple choice test, I as always tried to find the pattern of answers. I know that is impossible, but I always think I will be able to find it. Sad story, very sad.

After the exam I went to my Yoga session, I am getting pretty flexible you who might want to have some fun with that. Right afterwards I had a great lifting session, and it felt real good. I felt really strong today, and it feels like the exercise we do really focus on the right muscle groups for soccer players.

After the lifting session I went back to the room, and did my homework. It was very interesting today since it was about interviewing, and that is what I want to do when I get a job so I really focused on it.

When I was done with that a went for a training session in the swimming pool, some really good exercises. I did not know that you could train so much running in a swimming pool, it really surprised me to be honest. But it felt really good afterwards, for a terrible swimmer like me especially.

And now I just came back from the movies, I saw super 8. It was actually really good, like really really good. I was impressed in all ways possible, and I really recommended .

Now it is time to chill for a while, xoxo


One thought on “Pegasus

  1. Hi son!
    Fantastic to hear that you like yoga and doing swim activites it looks like things that your mother like doing is now getting to you also.
    love to see you and go to yoga together. Fun thing that you wrote that you tried to find a pattern in the exam but couldn´t find it. I quess you will study reaaly hard now to be able to reach your goal. even a thousand mile walk starts with one step, so keep up you will do fine, love//mom

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