Sometimes I wish practising was easier, but I probably never going to be like that. I guess if it actually was easy everybody would be able to do it. As it is now im just working hard everyday to get in shape for the season, and it is not easy at least two practises every day. To be honest it feels good afterwards, but during the actual practise I just want to die. Like today when we did the arena challenge, the arena challenge is sprints up threw all the stairs around the arena. Up and down a crazy amount of times, but not only that we are wearing weight vests as well. They are not to heavy, 15 pounds but still it makes it a lot harder. I must say that I have improved though, when I first got here 6 months ago I would run one arena challenge in 4 minutes and 40 seconds. Now I run it with a weight vest in 4 minutes and 10 seconds. There is still room for a big improvement, but still it is fun to see that I am moving forward.

A big part of today has been studying for the exam tomorrow, and I will continue to do that as soon as I am done with this. I really want to get a good grade in this class, so I am working hard on it.

I went to practise with the Bavarians earlier today, and today was actually a very good practise if we would have done things like this all summer we would be in a lot greater shape both technically and physically. A good practise always feels good and it is a lot more fun that way. I think I got a lot slower though, I got beat in a sprinting excercise that I have not lost since my team-mate back in Sweden Pontus Neander beat me when I was 14. I probably ned to work more on speed development, and so will I.





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  1. keep going son. Nice hearing you like class, good luck on the exams I think it is the first time you enjoy making homework and that´s a great sign. Please love to see a film with the awesome teacher. // mom

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