Long Day!

I been doing a lot today started of with over sleeping, and therefore my crazy hair was literally flying around all day. But I made it to class almost on time, no one cares about a couple of minutes right? At least not my teacher, she is awesome. She surprised me today though, we were told that there is an exam on Wednesday. I was the only one that looked surprised though, I do not take that as a good sign. But we are allowed to have any notes we want to on the exam, so it should not be a problem. Not to forget is that I find it super interesting, so I should be able to learn it pretty easily.

Direct from class I went to practise, and today was hard since I been sick all week. I pulled through it though, and felt really good afterwards. Quickly home from practise to have a quick-lunch, and then direct to the soccer field. We practised pretty hard on both soccer skills and our tan lines. I think I burned my back. it hurts pretty bad now  to be honest. Afterward me and Ryan decided to take a swim at the rec center. It is always nice to loosen up your muscles in the water after a hard work out. Even though I am a horrible swimmer I do enjoy just floating around.

After a few lengths in the pool we decided to go for some food, and the place Ryan took me to was amazing. I mean it was incredible, so many different food stores, wine shops, and mina bars. It just had that really good feeling about it, kind of like home but still fancy enough to be away. Perfect place to take a date to, and also a perfect location to find some great local made food. They had different candy sorts that are supposed to be healthy, and a whole store filled with organic cheese. When my mom comes to visit I will drop her off their and then she will have something to do for about 68 hours. This place or the public market as it is called would blow her away. Just as it did to me.

I also recorded a quick video of our soccer fields here at Marquette, and here is it.

Time for a shower and then some sweet sleep.



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