Milk Run

I woke up today hungry as a wolf, and sadly I realised that all my milk was out. I am a milkaholic so I really need to go on a milk run soon before I faint, or do something violent. I will probably kill two birds with one shoot and return Adams grill at the same time. I also need to do my homework today, read about non-verbal communication.

Last night I did some nice dance moves, and here isa picture of it. Later a video is coming!


Last night I also watched The pursuit of happiness, such a great movie. It really makes you realise that happiness is not always that easy to get, and that life is not as easy as one might wish. It is not a funny movie, it is more of the sad dramatic kind. Seeing what happens to Will Smith in the movie makes you realise that something similar might happen to yourself when you grow up so to say. I wonder how my life will look like when I am like 30 or something, I will probably be a stripper or something other fun.





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