Here We Come Alabama!

Just got back from the game, we absolutely demolished the other team. 5-0 and we owned the game from the first second. So now we are going to the national championship in Alabama, and it is going to be crazy fun. I mean it is a national championship, can it be more awesome then that? I sure do not think so, and if we would win that it would be even more crazy. Me myself and Tim poored the water bucket over our coach after the game, maybe a little bit to classical but still a lot of fun. We also sprayed the audience with champagne (sparkling wine), some may have whined up in the mouths of all the players. Just maybe though.

It is still hard to beleive that we are going to nationals, that shit is big man. I have never played in something like that before, and I do beleive we have a good chance to win. Now it is time for some celebrating, but since I am still sick I will not go all night long.


Lesson of the day: There is no offside on goal kicks in soccer.




One thought on “Here We Come Alabama!

  1. Great Sebbe when is the national……
    and how are you feeling , you played when you are so smart my dear son// love mom by the way today Evelina and Jonas tokk their classical in Sweden after swimming tne Vansbro swim 3 km, Biking Vätternrunda , Vasaloppet 90 km and running Lidingöloppet 30,5 km . So we can celebrate your national and their classical.

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