Just woke up and had some breakfast, cereal, strawberries, and a bagel. Good stuff, I am still sick though but sooner than later I will be healthy. The plan for the day is to chill as much as possible, and then go and see the Brewers game. I do not really understand baseball to be completely honest, but the company is more important than the actual game I would say. I am looking forward to some tailgating, which means burgers. We really do not have anything like tailgating in Sweden, here people show up 4 hours before the game and just play different games, grill, and drink. In Sweden your early if you show up 40 minutes before the game, and I do not even think it is legal to grill outside the arena. We should have tailgating in Sweden it is awesome.

Yesterday was fun, we had some people over and played some ping-pong, and just chilled and talked. Unlucky for kiki she had to take a lot of shit last night. Fun for all others, but not to fun for her. Also Patrick and Krinsky made a delicious dinner, and we all ate it together. To be honest it really felt like a family dinner. They made chicken with two different pasta sauces, and a green salad. I made my tribute with some swedish pancakes.



One thought on “Serenade

  1. HI, mom here again. Oscar did well in Halmstad. Nice heraing you make pannkakor but what happened in class, why was it only the mothers name on the papper………Iwonder what you did with yours….. Idon´t want to know. Fun you are taking Yoga class Loce to see pictures from that. I am happy you got something from your mother like…yoga panncakes, communication travel /// get well soon my son hugs mom

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