How Did This Happend

About two and a half years ago I got mono, and that was a hard time. Not anything compared to having cancer or aids, but still a lot harder than a normal flew. The biggest problem with it is that your kidneys and similar things get really sensitive, therefore I could not play ice-hockey for half a year. At least that is what my doctor said, so I was done with ice-hockey. Not only because of that off course. But the  best thing that came from mono was that I have not been sick ever since. No flew or anything, but now I am sick again.

I hate being sick, your head hurts, your nose is ringing, and you are so tired all of the time. Stupid illness, and the worst thing is that my conditioning will go away.

But life goes on you now, and now I can focus on other very important things like sleeping and watching movies. Fun times, right?


Just to lighten up the mode, here are some pictures from my soccer games.



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