Yoga Boy

Woke up with a terrible head ache and throat pain today, but as the extremely good individual I am I still went to class. Still without a book, but present any why. I just love my teacher Sarah, she is the best teacher I ever had. She makes everything so fun in class, and she really loves what she is doing. Hopefully I am going to get an interview with her later on. After class I went straight to lifting, and surprisingly enough there is a yoga session every Wednesday and friday in the gym. So from now on I am the yoga guy, I am the only guy who does it. But in a good way I wold say, there are a lot of fit girls that are doing yoga. Yoga is a lot harder than you actually think, I mean some of that flexibility stuff you are supposed to do is just ridiculous. I do not think body’s are ment to bend in such ways, but still you try and that makes you look like a goof. I can imagine that it is extra fun for the instructor to have a guy like me in the class, so she can laugh little bit.

After yoga Coach Bennet came by with his family, and I introduced myself. He he said that I looked like I lost weight. Now is that like saying I looked fat before or just that I look fitter now? I think he ment that I looked fat before, but maybe that’s just me.

Pez came by as well, he is home for a week since they do not have any games for two weeks. He is the goal keeper for Angelholms FF in sweden. The city were a lot of my cousins live, and where they got the best miniature golf course in the world. Pez likes it a lot and he is doing really well. They are almost at the top of the table and he had been doing well, I hope that it will continue that way for him. I knew that he played Hammarby away about two weeks ago, do I asked him about it. He just as the rest of the players in Sweden felt that Hammarby got the best atmosphere in Sweden. Players like Drogba and Messi can make however much money they want to, but I personally would prefer the atmosphere at Soder stadion (Hammarbys Home arena) any day of the year. It’s been my dream since I started playing soccer  to run out to the cheer of Hammarbys fans.

No it is time for some homework since I am one chapter behind, I am glad Maureen managed to hook me up with a book today. If not I would have been to many chapters behind to care about it.



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