Barbeque or something that is almost spelled like that

Work my ass of today, conditioning was hard today one minute sprints as fast as you can is not a game it is death. After that we played some soccer down at the valley in like 35 celsius, and the freshmen joined us. They seem to be good lads, a little bit smaller than I thought but still good players and good guys. Well I suppose that it is too early to say since this was the first time a met them. They got kind of call names though, C, Islami, and DJ. I honestly would love to be called DJ, really awesome name.

Adam Lysakย invited me over for some barbecue, and as always that shit is delicious. I just love that stuff, hard to spell in english yes, orgasm in your mouth when you eat it, also yes. Chill night with nice company, we also watched 8 mile by the way. Such a great movie, eminem great artist but to be honest the movie is better than his music.

Now I am supposed toย do my homework, but sadly I forgot to buy the book we are using in this class, so I guess I will not be the most active student in class tomorrow. Good news though, we are allowed to use any notes we want during the exams. Will I basically write down the answers, the answer is yes I will do.





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