The Weekend

A lot of fun stuff happen this past weekend, I am a bit tired today I have to say but it is all good. I started my new class this morning, intro to communication. Fucking awesome, my teacher is like perfect and the class is so interesting. We are learning about how we communicate with each other, in all different aspects. I just love things like this, and when you are interested in the class your taking you do so much better. Instead of almost falling asleep, you actually listen to what the teacher is saying and you really try to understand it. We did a kind of funny exercise today, we had pieces of paper and on them we wrote two things that we hate, a bug and some kind of food. On the third piece we wrote our mothers names, and then she told us to take the bug and stamp on it so that it would die. The piece with a food course she told us to throw away. All this we did without even thinking about it, than she told us to take the last piece in rip it apart. Some did some didn’t since it was our mom’s.

The idea of the exercise was to show that a lot of people do what people with authority says without thinking about it. True not true? According to me, yes true in most parts of society.

Well well during the weekend I seen Rise against and celebrated the fourth of July. Here are some pictures and videos from that.


Rise against

Same here, but now it is Hero of war a absolutely brilliant song.


Some pictures from the fourth of July parking lot party.


It was a real fun day, I would compare it to the Swedish midsummer.



Just being yourself, in some cases that might be a panda. I mean we do also know Kung-Fu so that makes us pretty famous I would say.

Im ending this with the lunch I made today!

De wait for it licious!






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