A Pretty Chill Day

Today started of with my phone being a disaster, it did not work for like a whole day. Thanks to that I could not contact the rest of the world, which lead to me missing going up to  Madsens cabin. Kind of sad since that would have been a blast. Since I missed that, I really did not have any plans for the day. It got good though, we went down to the beach and chilled, and we also road paddle boats which was fun. Best of all I got the biggest ice cream in the world, I loved it very tasteful. Later I am off to summerfest to see Rise Against, and it is probably going to be a blast.

Here are some pictures from the day.

Very nice little lake to paddle in, very peaceful.

Me and the little guy.

Paddle boating with your ex, I wonder how fun that is.

Some randoom ass art thing in the park.

I actually think I am going to get married in this house, just so beutiful.

A krinsky Ice cream so to say.

You know what they say about guys that like big ice creams right?

There was a lot of dead fish on the beach and in the water, kind of scary if you think about it. Some times I am just wondering what is happening to this world.

The little man liked it though.

I was more interested to finish my ice cream, than to paly with all the fishes.

I decided to look out on the ocean and act really serious.

Since the world has so much darkness in it, I always try to bring some more color into it.

Now lets fest!!!




One thought on “A Pretty Chill Day

  1. Hi, nice ice-cream. Wonderful bring color to the world. Your brother is in Halmstad now, how many years is it when you were there….. take care my love//mom

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