Evening thoughts!

Since I was too tired to do anything that involved moving from my bed tonight, I spent most of it on the computer looking on old stuff. Like old pictures from friends in Sweden, ex girl friends and all family. I really left a whole life behind in Sweden, and I do not really know my complete feelings for that. On one side of it, I love it here at Marquette it is different from how I used to live and I kind of  like it, almost love it. Because if I never would have gone here I would not had met all individuals like Krinsky, leonard, pat’s family, reilly, olivia, sam, alfano, apes, ben, sarah, kiks, monsen and you know this list could go on so long that I wont even try to do it. And I would not done all the awesome things that I have here, and I love all experiences that I have been given here. But still I cannot help to think about how my life would have looked if I still were in Sweden. Like what would I have done, been studying there, working, have a kid, travel the world. Still been playing for my old team, died from alcohol poisoning, you know I really do not have clue what life would have looked like. It would be so fun to see like a movie or something the day you die, and that movie would show how life would have been if I would have made different decisions when I was like 6 years, and like when I choose to play soccer. Who knows maybe I could have been a complete different person. Sick stuff, sick stuff.

Luckily I am happy as it is, and with who I am so life is pretty fucking amazingly sweet!




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