I started of this morning with some serious nose bleed, I always get that when I do not sleep enough. I hate when that happens because it never ends, and I always manage to get my clothes bloody as well.

I talked to Alejandro today and he told me that there was a big party last night, he apparently blacked out and scratched his knee. He also told me that he played some awesome American beer drinking games. It is a game called Cocaine, you pair up with a partner and line up 5 cups each. The team you play against do the same. Each team gets one ball each and throws at the cup. As soon as your team-mate makes one of your cups you have to drink the beer in it and then flip the cup, and you cannot continue to play untill you manage to flip the cup. And this continues until all the cups are gone, the team who looses has to chug all the cups they did not hit.

According to Alejandro this game is a blast.

Here is an interview with Lauren Boyler



2 thoughts on “Memories

  1. Hi son, don´t forget to sleep and nice soon math is over…. good done!
    We are back from El Gouna and they had heard you were doing fine and they said hi to you…..

    Talk to you later and looking as usually towards your blogg//Love

  2. Haha, Alejandro seems like a fun guy…looking forward too meeting him.

    Note that Lauren’s arm muscles are pretty huge.

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