So It Is True

Last night I went to summer fest, it was bigger then I actually thought. We are talking like big and crazy, it was bigger then anything I seen. So many people, and so many bands. I just realised that I like no love live music incredibly much, it is so magical to see your favourite artists play live in front of your eyes. I just love to see them move and sing on stage, it is simply magical.

When we were getting in the security checked everybody for alcohol, and probably guns and all that shit. The funny thing is that the stupid beeper beeped my belly button, every time they tried. The girl was cracking up, she laughed her ass of. She brought up my shirt about six times, and started laughing every time it started beeping. She even decided to fetch her friend and show her that my belly button was beeping all the time. Everybody was laughing about it, but anyway we got in and I brought my camera with me and created a very fuzzy movie.

I just wish that I had brought my camera to lifting this morning because we did a work out that was extremely hard, and it would have been a good movie. I was dying, it was so hard but afterwards it felt so so good.

I run to class to take my last fucking math exam, and now I am done. Done with math for the rest of my life, I do not care about the result I just care about theΒ fact that I am done with it. I almost feel like singing, that is how happy it makes me.

The best comment of this week is and I quote ” Do I really smell that much?” that cracked me up.

And I also got a surprise, I am terrible at handling stuff like that I am just not fast in thinking stuff through quickly. But I guess that is a part of life, right? Peace!



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