Just About It

I killed in my exam today, it felt really good and my eyes were sharp as an eagle.  I am so happy that we only got two more days of this class, and after that I will never do math again. It feels so good, I mean I have done math for about twelve years, and I have never liked it. I have never been good at it, and I never felt like it is necessary. I mean me and math is like a really nice good-looking girl dating a fat asshole it is just not suppose to be. But in two days I will break up my relationship with math forever.

Also very exiting, Pat’s family and friends are here now. They are hilarious people who really got their hearts in the right place, and lucky me they are really funny. They are from the south and got some strong accents just like me hahaha. Some of them are from LAs Vegas and one of them is a freaking model. I mean how awesome is it that she is like on the front cover of Deja vu in Sweden, and that she has a photo shoot in Portugal in a month. She was model pretty, not like real life sexy. That is kind of strange if you think about it, some people are so beautiful on pictures and not at all in real life. Others are just horrible in pictures, but so beautiful in real life. What am I? Maybe something in between, or maybe just good-looking when I am naked. I honestly do not know, but I also do not care because as everybody knows it is not about how you look but it is about how you act. With those words of wisdom I am checking out for the night.




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