Do Not Were The Wrong Colors

This day did not start of in the best manners, I managed to forget both my shoes and my shorts. Therefore I put on my converse shoes, and my red shorts. If there is something you should not were when you are practising here, it is red things. It is the color of our rival, and hated by all the trainers. So one of the trainers basically said change or go home. Luckily I found a pair of basketball shorts in the proper colors in the locker room, but they were huge. Probably about xxxxxl, or at least if felt so. I must have looked like a complete fool. But news for the world, converse shoes is really comfortable to practise in. It took a while to practise today, so I came 30 minutes late to class. No worries though since our teacher is so chill, and he gave back our third exam today, 84/100 sweet. So tomorrow is the last exam, and I now I all ready passed the class so happy days.

Matt interviewed me last night, so not awesome but still so awesome.


Man I recently discovered a world phenomena, and that is girls cannot go to the bathroom by themselves, they always talk in there. My question is what is wrong with a chair or futon? What is so special about the bathroom? I am so confused over it. I cannot imagine guys doing the same thing, it would just feel so wrong. Like yooo broe what is up? oh wait I just need to dry myself. Or maybe they do not even go to the bathroom, maybe they just talk in there. I have no clue to be honest, and it will probably stay that way.

Well now it is study time, final exam tomorrow.




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