Night Time!

I had the most un productive study session with Sam today, we literally did not do anything what so ever that had anything to do with stats class. Had a lot fun with Karissa and Carly though, they got some real good friendship in their apartment compared to another place I am very familiar with. Carly came with the most crasy proposal ever, and I do not mean anything sexual. She asked me if I could write about her on my blog, and I said off course. I mean it is not like a big deal to be on my blog, you know it is not famous or anything. But it is fun that she wanted to be on it. I told her that she needed to lick ice cream of her foot if she wanted to be on it, and so she did and here is the video of it.

I just talked with Kiki and she still ahs not found her shoes that she lost here. Very sad, but hopefully she will find them sooner than later. The thing is you always lose so much random stuff when you been drinking, and it is usually not because you are drunk but because you are not thinking about it. You are just having fun, and enjoining life. At least that is what Alejandro has told me, I would not know.

Also one of the girls I went to the concert with posted some pictures on Facebook, so I decided to steal them. Just to show you how my hair look when I straighten it.

Me and the girls.

Me and krisby

Great pictures from a great night, nights like this are those who is worth to remember. Best thing though is that Krisbys horoscope actually said that he should go to a live concert that night, I mean how big are the chances for that. Just crazy, or maybe it was destiny I do not know. All I know is that is was a night to remember.



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