I’m Glad I Got Good Team Mates!

We won today, the final result was 1-0 but could just as well been 5-2! A lot of chances were created each way, and it seemed like no one cared for defense. I only played 25 minutes in the game, one of their guys went right through my legs almost directly so I did not do much on the field. When he went through my legs for the third time he got a yellow card, and I was done for the game. No serious injury, just painful. I personally believe that one part of it was that I played 90 minutes yesterday.

After game I was lucky enough to catch the other guys in the elevator, and therefore I could go grocery shopping with them. I made some great buys, and now I got food for like 2-3 weeks! Exiting times indeed. After I came back from the grocery store I wound up talking on Skype for like 3 hours. Fun as always, time literally flew by. Luckily I had time toΒ do some laundry and cook myself dinner, so all the very exiting things of not living with my mother anymore has been done today.

This week summer fest starts here in Milwaukee, a lot of good bands will be here and I will try to see as many as possible!

Here is aΒ movie from my time in Sweden, I meet up with an old friend and just as always he managed to get me to do something stupid, haha.http://www.facebook.com/#!/video/video.php?v=10150304841783056&comments&set=t.526601298&type=1



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