Just Got Back!

So Chicago last night was insane, and when I write insane I mean out of control. Just a great night with a lot of fun things. We started of by visiting Matt Leonard, and his family. He is doing a lot greater know, and he will soon be back at Marquette. It was a lot of fun, and we even got to meet his beautiful dogs. I just love dogs, and I am for sure getting one as soon as I got my own place. Leonard’s dog’s were very cuddly, and playful. Here is a picture of them that I stole from his facebook page.

When we were done playing with the dogs, we turned on Band of brothers. I was just amazed by how fucking good that show is, and I will for sure see the whole thing soon enough.

After that we left for chicago downtown, we stayed at a friend’s place. Which just was amazing, right on Michigan avenue next to the Hilton hotel. The view was crazy and the whole apartment was huge, and clearly decorated by some amazing decorator. If I ever will get a place like that I will consider my self done with life. As soon as I get my phone to work I will post videos and pictures from the night. Any who when we were ready to leave the apartment we went to the concert, and it was crazy. I mean there were so many people there, and the music was amazing. I was sweating so much, and so was everybody else. The security did not bother to much about what people did in there, I mean the people right next to us smoked weed the whole concert. Which actually is kind od common in America, and college. I do not do it myself though, I mean drugs is not my thing since I am an athlete.

Later on we went to an after party, and meet some people from L.A. They were awesome, just great people. One of them was a MMA fighter, a really good one I think after forcing him to show me a video of him fighting. I mean he literally killed the guy he fought against in like a minute. One of the other guy’s is a soccer player, he actually plays for the chicago fire. It always fun to meet some one that is an actual pro. Just so fun to meet all this amazing people.

Now it is time to have some food before the game tonight!



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