My blog is now joined by a new member who is called Alejandro. He is a student at this school and since he is not an athlete, he can to whatever he wants to. So from now on all posts that involves any party’s in college, drinking, and other things that student athletes are not allowed to do will be made by Alejandro. I will continue with my regular posts and interviews, and my daily life.

This morning Nate and the interns really worked the shit out me and Mau, we started of with some intense core practise and we started the agility training. When I think of agility training I think it is really easy, and that a lot of rest is involved. That was not the case, we just went at it, I thought my legs would not keep me up when we were done. It is really good practise, and it feels like we are progressing. This will hopefully lead to a successful fall season. The practise really took all my energy, so I was literally sleeping in class today. I do not think the quiz went very well, and I got my test score back now. I got 70/100, so my total score is 168/200 for the moment. It is a solid B, so I really hope I can keep it up.

I also got some pictures sent to me from Alejandro from last night, he told me that they got a new house rule at his place. If the team who wins do not re rack the losing team has to stay under the table during the next game. The people who lost got really upset, which lead to a very fun evening according to Alejandro.


///Sebastian and Alejandro



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