The Usual

Last night was a lot of fun, we played some games and just had a good time. Aj, Olivia, and Riley brought their party shirt’s.    

Very nice, nice!


Today I forgot my shirt to lifting, so I took what I could find in the locker room. Off course I found a women’s dry-fit, Nate did not allow me to wear it. He said that there was no way a guy should lift with that. So he gave me another shirt to put on.

Class today was horrible, it could just as well been in Chinese. I did not get anything, not anything at all. So today I need to practise stupid stats big-time.




2 thoughts on “The Usual

  1. Låter som du har svin kul Sebbe! Glöm inte bort oss grabbar här hemma bara! Ska tänka på dig imorgon när vi firar midsommar utan dig.

    Puss och kram / Din kära Ludde

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