Not Always As You Plan, Right?

Okay so earlier I said that I was going to the baseball game and then practise, well nothing of that happened. We are having some thunderstorms and rain, so it was not really possible to do either of it. Instead we have been playing Ping-pong and chilled out, I even beat krinsky today. I think he is getting to confidence, and therefore I am taking home a few games. Tonight seems to be a fun evening, we are going to have a few people over and have some fun. I got some sad news today, but is not my place to say anything about it. But all my concerns to the people involved.

We just turned on the movie Marley and me, and I can just say that I really could see my self having that life. Writing columns about life, and just see it from a funnier view. I can not expect myself to become as popular as Josh in the movie, but I most certainly would like to give it a try. Most important is probably to fix my english first, you who read this already know that my grammar and all that needs a little bit working on. If not I will at least have my blog where I can pretend to be a journalist, and you all will be my audience. I mean to be completely honest I am studying broadcasting, but I have no clue what I want to work as. I would love to be a paid soccer player, but that is a long and hard road to walk down. I would just like to travel the world with a couple of chill persons, and experience a lot of great adventures. Also see all the places, and just know the world. Man that would be a sweet life. I can just see myself standing on the edge on a cliff at a waterfall in Asia, and dive down in to the water. So much I just want to do.


Any who any how I will make a video about some American drinking games this week, so everybody in Sweden can try it out.



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