Life Is Life!

This was a weekend filled with just random stuff and adventures. Saturday night a was just tired after the game, and therefore I was not feeling any big-ass party vibes. I just went over to Madsen’s and chilled, it was a blast. A lot fun comments and stories, I found out somethings a never would have expected. The other guy’s went to the bars, so Kiki and I went back to the apartment. We chilled at their place for a while, than I went back to my place. Since Leonard is at the hospital, and will be staying at home for a couple of weeks he offered me to use his room during that time.

Sunday was really a strange day, I woke up at like noon or something to go with Pat and pick up Adam and his cousin Jack. Adam got the western junior golf tournament coming up this week so he needed a ride to chicago, and Pat was nice enough to take him and I followed with. We drove up had some dinner and then decided to go to a strip club.

The strip club was actually really funny, there was no drinking allowed since they let in 18 year olds. Still a really good time, I mean off course there is somethings that is not to good at strip clubs. However, these girls need to make their money somehow, and I personally see nothing wrong with stripping for it. But I feel bad for them some times, I mean dance for me is one thing, but be dancing for some really bad-looking person can not be as fun. To be completely honest I really enjoy the conversations I had with all the strippers, you know some of them paying of college and others putting their kids through kindergarten. I actually wanted to interview one of them, but I was not allowed to bring my camera in their.

I actually talked to one of the coolest persons I ever met, her name was Emma and she was hilarious. We talked for like a good 30 minutes, and off course I bought a couple of dances I mean she was gorges. She is easily one of the most beautiful girls I ever met, and she was fun as well. The question actually stroke me, is it okay to date a stripper. I think it is, a lot of my friends here disagreed though. I guess it is a personal choice. It was a fun trip though, and I hope Adam does well in the tournament.



7 thoughts on “Life Is Life!

  1. Intresseting what you write and it would have been intresseting to hear what the girls said about the dancing. Nice that you respect their job and took the time to actually talk and get to know them.

    The dreams and have to support children and studies.
    What are your and your friends thought about boys dancing on strip bar to make a living….. intresseting discuss // love reading your blogg

  2. was a brilliant night, and yes, i enjoyed the conversations i had with the strippers. i didn’t however realise this would end up on your blog!!!

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