Luck Comes To Thoose Who Deserves It Through Hard Work And Determination

We won today with 2-1, I will be completely honest and say that the other team was better than us today. But we won with a lot of hard work and a bit luck. They mist a penalty, and we scored in the 90 minute. I passed to the first goal and scored the last one, and I was so so happy. The feeling of scoring in the last-minute of the game when it is such an important game as today is so hard to describe, but it is something I would want to feel every minute od the day. I celebrated my goal by taking of the shirt, but just as I pulled it over my head I realised that I would receive a yellow card. Therefore I quickly put i t back on, and I guess the referee missed that I had it of or he just ignored it. Anyway, I did not get a yellow card.

Now it is time to celebrate that we are six points ahead  with one less game played, and there is only three more games to play.




2 thoughts on “Luck Comes To Thoose Who Deserves It Through Hard Work And Determination

  1. GREAT!!!!! I´m so happy Sebastian that you got get that feeling again and feel that you can you know how to do it and you made it. I would have loved to see it and your smile.
    Lucky the judge /referre didn´t see that your t-shirt was off a bit. I quess there were no girls/fans around because othewise the judge might have heard the scream from the gilrs/fans when the tshirt went off ………

    Love you and miss you like crazy but hear and see that you are having a good time and that is the most important . //MOM nr one

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