You Know, You Know.

Pretty nice day, went to the golf course and played for a while. I sucked hard, but it was a lot of fun. I have to admit that Scott and Callum won though. I would say that it was my fault, but we lost as a team.

Later I went over to Rileys and Olivias, it was a lot of fun and some of the new freshmen came over. Haha one of them went like yoo I just had two beers, and I would not say it to you if I was sober. You are really cute, and it is totally cool if you want my number. I was shocked, but of course she managed to get my number, I guess it is good to know someone who lives in McCormick next year. They were all very nice, and one of the guys was extra awesome.


Last note, I really hope my good friend Matt will get well soon. He had surgery last week and now he found out that something is wrong with his lungs. I hope he will stay strong mentally and that he will recover very soon because he is a terrific guy.




One thought on “You Know, You Know.

  1. We hope also that Matt will get better.
    Here we have rain and one wonder if it will be summer or is it over already….
    Have a great day
    Hope the exams will be ok for you
    love mom

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