Mixed Feelings!

I just came back to the apartment from practise and school. I got both happy news and sad news, first of all my test went horrible. It felt like everything could have been wrong. I mean you basically know that you got problems when two people are done with their tests before you finish your first question. But I worked it through and finished all the questions that were given, and our teacher is a king when it comes to give partial credit. Hoping for him to stay that way so I will get some points.

Jumping in to the happy news, I just received an answer from CSN (Swedish Board Who Decides If Students Get Money To Go To School) and they decided to give me the money that I need to pay for school here in America. Very happy about it, because I really like it here. They are giving me a lot of money as well so I will be able to live pretty good, which is good because life is not only supposed to be lived but also enjoined. Life = Pleasure.

The game yesterday was never played, Chicago Fire forfeited. We got the points easier than if the game would have been played, but I would rather have played it since soccer is the most awesome game in the world. Instead of a game I thought about studying, that did not happen, not at all. Instead of studying I had a long talk on Skype. Me and Alfano talked to Ramona ( my ex from Sweden) for a while, they even agreed that she would teach him swedish. Very good for his future visit to Sweden. After the talk with her, I  decided to lose my senses with some sweet stuff. The night was great, we had a lot of people over, and just had a blast. I might put up some movies from it later if I feel like it.






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