Golf Winning Today, Game Winning Tomorrow

Started of this morning with being late to practise, I had my reasons though a mentally challenged ( or as Adam would say it “Window Licker”) person asked me to help her over the road and I just could not say no. Luckily Nate my trainer did not give me a hard time about it. We did some speed work, it was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be since we in Sweden rest a lot in between the speed training sets we do. But here they say ” you don’t rest like that in a game” so we just kept at it. It is good practise and I feel that I am improving every week.

Right after training I had to run to class, since we had a quiz  today I could not be late. Guess what we have a quiz tomorrow as well, and then an exam on thursday. I hate it… Anyway todays quiz went good, special thanks to the person next me (if you know what I mean).

I watched one of the best movies ever made today, Catch me if you can, just an incredible movie. I wish I could have been a fraud like Frank, sadly I am not clever enough to come up with a new way to do what he did. But if anyone have not seen it you really should take the time to do just that.

Later on I went to play golf with Scott Miller, Ryan Robb and Mike Alfano. A lots of fun, and me and Scotty won, and therefore Dinner was on Alfano and Ryan. When you play golf at the country club’s around hear you need to where a collareb shirt with I thought was the same thing as a colored shirt, so I brought a blue T-shirt. Not acceptable, luckily Alfano was nice enough to lend me one. How is a foreigner like me suppose to here the difference between words like that, I thought a collareb shirt was called a polo. My bad, but it all worked out.

Here is a picture and a movie from the golf course.

And tomorrow we play the chicago fire again, hoping for a victory.




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