Game Day!

Today we will play the chicago fire again, I really believe that we will win. But they are a good team so it is going to be hard game. I took it easy at lifting this morning, since we have a game today I did not want to use too much energy.  I will cook my self a pre game meal within an hour to get some fuel before the game. I will even have some fans watching today, since a couple of my friends a going to watch it. Hopefully they will film a little bit of it, so I can post it here later on.

Tomorrow I got an exam, I do not know how it will go. It could be anything from 55-95 points, everything depends on how my teacher will make it. Hopefully I will do just fine, and to be honest I only need to pass this class. To do that I need to get half of the points correct on the remaining exams we got. They give out grades very differently here then back home in Sweden, for example, we can be graded on a curve. That means that the top 12% get the grade A and the 20% after that get B on so on. That means even though you might get really bad scores on tests you still will receive the best grade. In my classes the usual thing has been that every thing we do is worth 100 points, it can be papers or tests. Throughout the semester we might have 4-7 of those, and if your total score is within 93-100% you will receive the best grade. To pass the class you usually need 65%, but in some classes you need more.

It is not to hard as long as you put in an effort!

Now it is time to make some delicious food.



One thought on “Game Day!

  1. good luck Sebastian. Nice movie about golf, keep up. I wonder what kind of food you will make. How did the golf match end……… love mom

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