Good Night

I was planning on studying all day long, but sadly that did not happen. I think my test on Thursday is going to be hard for me. However since I got such a high score on the first test I only need to get half the points right on the remaining exams to pass the class. Hopefully it will not go that bad, but it is nice to know just in case.

I went down to the Valley today to play some soccer with John Mau, one of my team mates, we practised some crossing and some shooting. Sadly my knee started hurting again, therefore I really believe that our practise field is what is causing my knee pain. Fells kind of hard since we will practise on it every single day.

Funny thing though when we were walking back from the field I realised that I had left my phone down there, so I had to walk back and get it. Might have been the longest walk ever, luckily I bought a chai tea latte otherwise I probably would had died. To be completely honest I am a very confused person who always forget small stuff, especially home work and keys.

Later at night we celebrated Margarita Monday with some Margarita, ping-pong ,and sweet people. Lost two games against Sal and Pat. Sal should get some credit for being such a nice guy and lending me his computer, thank you Sal.

Tomorrow Kicki and Reilly have promised to cook us dinner, and I really hope they will serve us something tasty. Will that be themselves? Probably not, but you never know what life will bring you.



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