Sunday = Funday

Or maybe the opposite?

I got a big test coming up, and since I am terrible at math I need to study big time before it. Therefore this Sunday will be a study day, might be hard doe since I was stupid enough to turn on the TV, and of course the movie Troy is one. It is one of my favourite movies, but sadly enough it is not as good on American Television as back home or on a DVD. They take away all the bloody scenes as well as all sex scenes since they think it will mess up the minds of people to see that. They really do have some funny perspectives of life here.

My to favorite American rules is

1. You can not have sex until your 18.

Best story I heard about it was a guy who had a girl friend and they had been dating for a while, but her parents hated him. He turned 18 before her, and one week after her parents said that he had raped her. She had nothing to say about it since she still was 17, and so the guy was sent to prison.

2. You are not allowed into bars or allowed to drink until your 21 years of age.

You are allowed to go to war and die, but not allowed to drink. That is just silly.

We had a game yesterday against the team that is leading out league, hard to believe after playing them. But yet again we tied, I hate tying it is so boring. We got a lot of injuries for the moment and we do not have a natural striker who can play for the moment. Still we have to win games like this, and if this continues we will not go to nationals. I do believe that it will change doe, because we have the players that is the best in this league.

On a personal level the game went very well. I should have scored a goal, but sadly my right foot is pretty much worthless. Because of injuries I played left back, not as fun as midfielder but still good to improve my chances to play pro soccer.

When I got back at night we had some people over and just chilled, before I got back they had Margarita night. Probably one of the worst drink’s in the world, pretty happy I missed that.

Also I went shopping friday, so I might put up some pictures on the stuff later if I got the energy for it.



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