Being A Good Boy!

I been such an awesome person today, practised, went to class, studied, grocery shopping , and laundry, man I guess I am growing up or something.

Me and Sam studied for like four hours, I do believe my brain tried to take in too much information because I got extremely confused from time to time. It could also be the fact that I am terrible when it comes to math. So for the moment I am extremely surprised that I am getting an A in the class. I failed the quiz yesterday doe, but luckily your allowed to scratch your worst two.

After we were done studying, Sam took me to the Grocery store, I did some serious shopping, and made a very good choice in buying pasta so it will last me the rest of the summer, half price off and when something is on sale I have to buy it. That might be the reason why I always seem to lose my money so fast (can not blame blackย  jack any more). It might also be that I am obsessed with milk, and milk is a lot more expensive here than in Sweden.

Sadly I choose the wrong line, and had to wait for like 15 minutes for same stupid person to argue about using a double coupons even doe it clearly said that you only could use one. Some people are just so sad, clowns.

Sam told me to take another line, and since she was correct I promised to mention it here.

Looking good when shopping!!!


3 thoughts on “Being A Good Boy!

  1. Hi son!

    Wonderful you are shopping food! and fixing the laundry and also working out hard.
    Iยดm sure it will pay off someday, Iยดm sure it will because you never give up always keep up the smile and doing your best to enjoy life. If you are sad stop being sad do something that makes you happy you keep telling me kram my fanstastic son

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