Four Hour Drive To Oclare And Back

So I was up 8.45 this morning to manage to get in time to the team assembling, as always I managed to be late anyway. I guess that is just who I am. Anyway we drove up to Oclare, a four-hour drive where we mostly slept and chilled to prepare for the game. Quick lunch at subway and then off to the field.

Oclare did something I really do admire, they refused to cut the grass to make sure we could not roll the ball so easily. Sadly it worked, I am severely ashamed to write this, but we tied today. I still can not believe that we did not win this game, because they were terrible. I mean that we did not score a second goal is insane. I mean just me myself should have scored at least two, it is just crazy sometimes. At least we are still undefeated and three points ahead of the second team in the league.

On top of it all they did not have any showers, so we had to drive all the way back all disgusting. I was sitting shirt less in the van since I did not want get my Ralph Lauren shirt all dirty. So we stop at this random small gas station to by some food, and I walk in with a towel on just to not be almost naked. So the cashier ( 30-year-old virgin) says,

-Sir do you have a shirt?

-No,  I have a towel! Than I walk around a lap to see what they have, and then I go to the bathroom to take a piss. I walk out pick up a Banana, and walk up to the cashier.

– Hi, I would like to have this banana.

– No shirt, no service!

– Are you kidding me?

– No shirt, no service.

– Eee okay, Tim (team mate) can you buy it for me?

– Yeah sure. So he walks up to the cashier to buy it for me.

– Sorry Sir but you are not allowed to buy that banana as   as he is on the store.

I literally got thrown out from the gas station, this shitty little gas station. Kind of pisses me off since I never been thrown out from a place before. I mean I could understand being thrownout from a club or whatever, but a small shitty little gas station it just makes me laugh.


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