The begining of something awesome!

So this is my first post of many in my own personal blog, I have to admit I am kind of exited of having a blog.

Took my a while to figure out how I would get it to look as I wanted, but hard work pays of I suppose, especially one the final results is a blog like this. There might be some changes to it during time, but you know what happens, happens.

So what is up for the weekend, to be honest I had to rough nights in a row and to mix that up two practises a day and no sleep has really gotten me tired. Anyway I got to games this weekend, the first one is against Chicago Fire, kind of exited and hopeful that some talent scouts might watch it. A good game and you never know, dreams may come true. The game on Sunday is against Oclare or something like that, they suck anyway so it will be an easy victory.

For those that do not know, I’m spending my summer in USA, Milwaukee taking some extra classes So I can graduate earlier and be done with school. Also I am practising a lot, playing soccer and Chilling with a lot of awesome people, which will be introduced to extremely big crowd that is my readers.



2 thoughts on “The begining of something awesome!

  1. Hello!
    This is perfect now and I can really catch up what is happening over there.

    So far so good and I ´m looking forward to read more
    Stora kram älskar dig min stora son

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